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The Web-Jurist® ratings were conceived by e-business experts at Phillips Consulting. The ratings commenced in May 2001 with version 1.0. Its primary objective was to critically and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of websites in Nigeria, focusing initially on the financial services industry and taking into account what the customer wants. Phillips Consulting sought to establish a barometer for assessing e-business activities and for identifying best practices. This exercise evaluated a total of 46 Banks' websites at the time. The impact and effect of this initial evaluation exercise has been far reaching: Web Jurist 1.0 served as a wake up call for banks. For the first time, websites got executive attention which resulted in a deluge of internet activity by the banks. Several websites have been extensively revamped, some even abandoned their existing sites at the time and developed brand new websites, many websites are still in the process of evolving.



The Web-Jurist ® evaluation tool used for the ratings was developed using intelligent algorithms and the process entails a step-by-step web analysis using detailed criteria developed specifically to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of web sites. These criteria are:

  • Aesthetics
  • Technical Aspects.
  • Site Content.
  • Web Transaction Processing.
  • Consumer Experience
  • Performance

 Web Jurist is a product of hardwork and dedication. 

FOLUSO PHILLIPS - Chairman, Phillips Consulting


Examines adherence to key design principles such as legibility of text, functionality of graphics and appropriate use of colors. 
Evaluates the accuracy and freshness of information presented on the site as well as the presentation of the web content.
Evaluates the ease with which a customer is able to actually transact business effectively on the website.
Evaluates the extent to which a customer or potential investor's needs are satisfied.
This criteria evaluates the overall performance of the site by measuring such critical metrics as the extent to which web pages have been optimised and the speed with which web pages are displayed.
Examines the functionality of the site based on the ease of navigation as well as the security features implemented on the site.