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About Web Jurist – Web Jurist

Welcome to Web-Jurist

Our 10 year History

Phillips Consulting Limited, over the years has played the role of development partner to the Banks and other Organizations in Nigeria who have a web presence through our proprietary Web-Jurist Platform. The 2017 Web-Jurist assessment involved the review of 324 organizations cutting across the Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, State Governments, Government Parastatals, Mobile Network Operators and Airlines.

The Web-Jurist® ratings was birthed out of this gap and was fashioned to accurately gauge the effectiveness and usefulness of customer facing websites and online web service platforms in Nigeria taking into consideration the customers need. Web Jurists seeks to establish a barometer for assessing e-business activities and for identifying best practices.We assess website and online platforms against our 6-dimension criteria which are comprehensive, covering Aesthetics, Performance, Website Content, Customer Experience, Accessibility and Security. Our Security Criteria is further broken down into two areas covering Technical Functionalities and Complete Vulnerability Assessment. These criteria are based on intelligent algorithms, metrics and formulae. The tool, as developed by our e-business experts, is the result of analyses and research conducted into web presence best practices and effectiveness, as well as in-depth knowledge and experience in the e-business arena. It aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of websites, as a major channel for business in the digital economy. The tool is constantly refreshed for effectiveness and relevance within the current contextual digital environment.

The Tool

The Web-Jurist ® evaluation tool used for the ratings was developed using intelligent algorithms and the process entails a step-by-step web analysis using detailed criteria developed specifically to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of web sites. These criteria are:

Examines adherence to key design principles such as legibility of text, functionality of graphics and appropriate use of colors.

Examines the functionality of the site based on the ease of navigation as well as the security features implemented on the site.

Evaluates the accuracy and freshness of information presented on the site as well as the presentation of the web content.

Evaluates the ease with which a customer is able to actually transact business effectively on the website.

Evaluates the extent to which a customer or potential investor’s needs are satisfied.

This criteria evaluates the overall performance of the site by measuring such critical metrics as the extent to which web pages have been optimized and the speed with which web pages are displayed.